Le Swing in the evening

The club is state of the art with LED light technique and light shows.

We promise you a stunning experience for alle your senses.

The light effects will put you in scene and provide you an extatic feeling like never before.

You do not have to undress - as in all good international clubs your attire should be according to the night`s theme.

Him: elegant to sexy (tank top, boxers, black trousers with white shirt is always right)

Her: Mini skirt, sexy disco attire, lingerie, girdle, teddy, straps, excentric, fancy, varnish, leather, rubber, topless.... use your imagination!

NO GO: Trainers, sport shoes, flip flops

Average ages:

During week days the medium age is slightly higher

On weekends: Generally rather young crowd (between 25 and 40) and young at heart - probably because of the music selection.

Music: House / Club /Black / DISCO

~3000 sqft space for your adventures

  • XXXX
  • different play rooms with videos
  • Darkrooms
  • lockable single rooms
  • group rooms
  • mirror rooms
  • chain rooms
  • chimney room with large fullswap area
  • gyno chair
  • diagonal cross
  • voyeur`s shower
  • changing and shower dabins

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